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      Gate Valve
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      ZheJiang Huake Valve Co., LTD. Is a collection of research and development, production, marketing in an integrated modern enterprise. Company is located in the coast of the east China sea, the oujiang river side, is always fine of township of the Chinese pump valve ou north industrial park. The company's main products include gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves (including...... More>>
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      address:Yongjia County of Zhejiang province OuBeiZhen HeYi industrial zone
      tel:0577-66993388 67385387

      ZheJiang Huake Valve CO., LTD  address:Wenzhou city, zhejiang province jiangbei Long Qiao street industrial area
      Zip code:325100 tel:0577-66993388  67385387 fax:0577-67385386 url:http://www.www.beenleighrsl.com