Everyone who owns a car experience flat batteries, when least expected. Learn car battery reconditioning to avoid replacing the flat one.

How to recondition flat batteries of a car?

Car with running battery is needed

  • Position car with good battery beside car having battery issues.
  • Open the hood of both vehicles.
  • Turn the radio on or anything which makes use of power from the flat battery. It helps to prevent power surge and protects against damage from sensitive electronics.

Attach battery jumper cables

  • Red cable to positive of good battery and positive of flat battery needs to be connected with jumper cables.
  • Black cable to negative of good battery and other end to unpainted surface like suspension mount of flat battery.

Start the cars

  • Keep good battery car running.
  • Start flat battery car. Wait for two minutes and then step lightly on working car’s gas. It needs to be in park…
  • When car starts remove the leads in reverse order. That is first black on flat car, black on good car, red on flat car battery, and red on good one.
  • Leave the car running for some time to allow alternator charge the battery properly.

You can read EZ battery reconditioning review to know more in details about car battery reconditioning.

Car battery degradation does not work for

  • Degraded
  • Failed
  • Fried
  • Has broken terminals
  • Cracks

Car battery failed permanently can be replaced but makes sure to use protective gear prior installing a new one on your own. A quick stop at auto-shop is also helpful and wise for battery replacement or checking.